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The County of Los Angeles has selected a world-class team to help update the LA River Master Plan, a comprehensive approach covering all 51 miles of the River. The effort was launched to update the original 1996 master plan, synthesizing more recent ideas for portions of the River and bringing a comprehensive vision to the transformation of the LA River.

Who selected the Consultant Team?

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works solicited proposals for project management from its on-call technical consultants. Of the firms that returned proposals, Geosyntec was selected as the successful bidder. The other team members are subcontractors to Geosyntec.

Who has oversight of Los Angeles County Department of Public Works?

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works manages the project management, which includes the management of the consulting team. The steering committee is in an advisory role, and advises the consultants and the county on the project based on community input.

What are the roles of each of the team members?


  • Geosyntec is the lead consultant responsible for all technical elements, including hydrology, flood protection and other water and engineering issues. Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. is an award-winning, international consulting firm, known in the greater Los Angeles area for its knowledge of local watersheds, long-term strategic perspectives, innovative planning and modeling analyses (hydrologic, hydraulic, hydrodynamic, water quality, and groundwater modeling), project design and delivery, and project optimization and monitoring services.


  • OLIN will be developing corridor-level design and planning, design standards and the Master Plan Update document. OLIN is a landscape architecture and urban design firm whose work is predicated upon social engagement, craft, detail, materiality, and timelessness.

Gehry Partners

  • Gehry Partners is exploring and studying meaningful options for open space use while respecting the flood protection mandate and other water engineering requirements. Gehry Partners, LLP is a full-service architectural firm with extensive international experience in the design and construction of academic, museum, theater, performance, commercial, and master planning projects.

River LA

  • River LA is the lead in coordination of community engagement and outreach related to the update. River LA believes in championing river-oriented policy and sustainable public spaces and creating innovative models for community betterment and participation.

Kearns & West

  • Kearns & West is the Steering Committee facilitator. Kearns & West navigates collaboration and strategic communications to help clients communicate a vision and create productive connections with their stakeholders, employees, and customers.

What is the desired outcome of the plan?

The purpose of this process is to update the LA River Master Plan, which hasn’t been updated since 1996. This plan will address the needs of communities along the entirety of the LA River.

How soon will real change be seen on the river?

There is daily progress on the river, including both formal and informal meetings and conversations about the work. There are a number of projects in development up and down the river!

What kind of oversight exists of the technical team and the county?

The steering committee as well as the subcommittees are designed to advise both the technical team and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LACDPW).

How can I get involved?

There are a variety of ways to get involved with the Los Angeles River Master Plan Update Process! To see ongoing events, check out our public engagements calendar. For regular updates and opportunities for digital engagement:

Who is on the steering committee?

Click here to see the complete list of the LA River Master Plan Steering Committee members. 

When will the plan be completed?

This process will be complete in 2020.

Steering Committee Members

City of Downey

Sean Ashton

City of Long Beach

Kevin Jackson

City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering

Gary Lee Moore 

City of Los Angeles Mayor's Office

Michael Affeldt

City of Paramount Public Works

Adriana Figueroa

City of South Gate Department of Public Works

Arturo Cervantes

Council for Watershed Health Eileen Alduenda

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice

Jessica Prieto

Friends of the LA River (FoLAR)

Marissa Christiansen

From Lot To Spot

Viviana Franco

Heal the Bay

Shelley Luce

Mia Lehrer

Mia Lehrer

Long Beach Conservation Corps

Dan Knapp

Los Angeles Business Council

Mary Leslie

Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission

Rudy Ortega

Los Angeles County 1st District

Waqas Rehman

Los Angeles County 2nd District

Karly Katona

Los Angeles County 3rd District

Katy Yaroslavsky

Los Angeles County 4th District

Jocelyn Rivera-Olivas

Los Angeles County 5th District

Anish Saraiya

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Eli Kaufman

Los Angeles County Business Federation

Hilary Norton

Los Angeles County Flood Control District

Keith Lilley

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Evelyn Cortez-Davis

Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust

Keshia Sexton

Los Angeles Waterkeeper

Bruce Reznick

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Lauren Cencic

Mujeres De La Tierra

Irma R. Munoz

Pacoima Beautiful

Veronica Padilla-Campos

Public Counsel

Antonio Hicks

Regional Water Quality Control Board

Renee Purdy

Rivers and Mountains Conservancy

Mark Stanley

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

Joseph T. Edmiston

Sierra Club Long Beach Area – 11 Cities

Gabrielle Weeks

The Boethius Initiative
UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures

Peter Sellars

The Nature Conservancy

Shona Ganguly

The Trust for Public Land

Robin Mark

Urban Waters Federal Partnership

Justin Yee

US Army Corps of Engineers

Eduardo T. DeMesa

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Pauline Louie

Water Replenishment District

Robb Whitaker


Protocols and Operating Principles

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